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America’s Religion War


Do not think for a moment there is no war on religion going on in our great country.

It was  on June 25, 1962 that the first ban on Christianity in our schools was enacted when all were stopped from saying prayers in public schools … the separation of church and state of course.

Perhaps you remember the day your children were restricted from singing Christmas carols at Christmastime in school.

Did you read about the 10 year old girl in Tennessee who was not allowed to write about God as someone she idolized.

In Melville High School in Long Island, N.Y. …. students were banned from forming a Christian Club.

In Temecula, CA … the Springs charter school has banned all Christian books, Christian authors and Christian publishers from their shelves.

In 2011 military chaplains were banned from using the words “God” or “Jesus” in funerals held at the Houston National Cemetery.

In 2013 two military chaplains were forced out of a training program by their instructor who antagonized them for their Christian beliefs.

Today the report comes that Air Force National Guard Col. Florencio Marquinez had a column he wrote titled “A Spiritual Journey As A Commander” had his article removed from an Air National Guard newsletter for referencing God and Jesus in his writing. 

This you can read for yourself and figure out for yourself what you think it may mean … “What About Praying In Jesus’ Name” at the United States Service Command site.

Now we see this…..

Perhaps you read of and remember when the University of Michigan decided to install foot baths for Muslim prayer.

In Revere, MA … the students are being taught that “there is no God but Allah.”

In a Breitbart report written in April of this year …. we read this……..

A Muslim group is pushing for taxpayer-funded halal food in New York City public schools.

Just last year, a Colorado high school principal defended his decision to allow high school students at Rocky Mountain High School to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — “one nation under Allah.” Do students even begin to understand the implications of a nation under Allah and the sharia?

Non-Muslim Michigan high school girls wore hijabs in school for a class lesson to “explore religion and identity.” In Michigan, a Christian College established a prayer room for Muslims. In Minnesota, a Catholic university installed mini-mosques and Islamic footbaths for Muslims.

Perhaps you read of and remember when the University of Michigan decided to install foot baths for Muslim prayer.

The report came in June of this year that while the military bans Gideon bibles from being passed out on all bases … our soldiers are forced to adhere to Islam practices during Ramadan.

Read “Islamizing the public schools” and decide again for yourself just how much Christianity is being forced beneath a dark blanket as Islam raises its head on demand.

Now today we read of the case where an ex-Marine is banned from entering La Plata High School in La Plata, MD because he dared to enter it and declare his objection to his child being taught about Islam in that school.

There is a war on Christianity going on.

Since when does “separation of church and state” only apply to Christianity?

We must all become aware.