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And It Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

As each day goes by .. it gets curiouser and curiouser…….

So John McCain knows the Congress is not doing what the people demanded be done by its statement in the November election .. yet he will vote for it .. the taxbill that is filled with more and more spending that has nothing to do with the extension of the Bush tax rates.

What?  He does not like it but he will vote for it.


This is what has brought this country to where it is today … the complete lack of backbone and common sense in our leaders.

And now comes Michelle Obama .. once again telling us one in three of our kids is obese and it really really is a matter of national security .. and we just cannot leave it up to the parents to take ALL the responsibility to see that our kids have healthy nutritious meals!

Of course we can’t.  So .. now the schools will have on its cafeteria trays all those things that the kids today throw out .. the fruit and the salads and all those nutritious foods that they just must eat so we can get all those obese kids skinny!  It is the law… one more to repeal if we really did put leaders in with backbone to preserve and restore our freedom.

One in three kids obese? Look around and see which one of three in all the kids you know is obese.

It is a world of fantasy these people live in .. making up facts to fit their fantasy … and for what?

Is it really control they want?  Is it money they want?  Is it power they want?  What is it they want?

It surely is not truth.

By the way .. how many Volts do you see on the road?   Just curious.  After all .. we sure are spending a ton of money .. we taxpayers .. to have them manufactured.  Would be nice if at least someone wants one or two of them.

I don’t.

Ever stop to think of all those perfectly good trucks and vans that were trashed at the time  “cash for clunkers” had center stage?  Wonder if anyone who had theirs trashed regrets it today.

I miss the Hummers.

Now there is a “no labels” group who wants us all to just be nice and compromise … to quit defining people by what they believe and what they do and just be nice.  Let’s just all get along … pleeeeaase.

It gets curiouser and curiouser for sure.

No labels please.  None.  Just be nice … everyone.

Wonder where we would be if that was the mind set of our leaders at the time of World War II?

Have an iPhone?

If you do .. you can now snitch directly to the U.S. government on anyone you don’t like.  All you need to do is report them as exhibiting “suspicious behavior”.  The DHS has set up a special app to do just that … right from your iPhone … and it has such a wonderful category name .. Patriot Apps.

… and this lame duck Senate  has just announced it will do its best to spend another $1.1 trillion in a massive 2000 page spending bill … even if Reid has to keep them in session into next year…. and they probably all refer to themselves and each other as adults.

They haven’t even shown the bill to the Republicans.