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And So It Begins

And so it begins………

United Health Care and Blue Cross – Blue Shield in Florida have announced they will no longer offer individual children’s health insurance policies.


As of September 23, all insurance companies will be forced to cover any child with any disease or medical condition.  The fear of what unknown costs this may bring on  the insurance companies.. through abuse and misuse … have brought on this end .

Take note that in the article it is made clear that the insurance companies were willing to work with Obama by making an enrollment suggestion…. but there was no response from the administration.


No.  Of course not.

It is exactly what Obama intended to happen.  This is just the beginnning. One by one… each and every American will somehow be forced to turn to governnent healthcare .. .thus once and for all bringing the end that Obama has worked for from day one … a one payer healthcare system .. the government.

No one should be surprised.  It is just what Obama had planned … and following you can hear it  … in his own words.

Fast Tube by Casper

The means matter not. It is the end that counts.. and Obama intends to get his end in all things .. with any means it takes.