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And We Must Laugh.. We Just Must!

We must laugh .. as it is what keeps us sane in the midst of madness.

The following comes from someone commenting to a post over at Hot Air … and thanks go to jeff the poster…

“C-SPAN is doing a deplorable job this morning. They opened the phone lines to illegal aliens to call in and talk about how hard it is to be an illegal alien.

One woman said her husband is an illegal. Oh, by her marrying him he could have made it legal. But she would have had to pay a $2,500 application fee. Not feeling it, she opted not to make him legal. Then he got deported. (Violin music, please). She had to pay a smuggler $2,500 to bring her husband back in the country.
I’m too choked up to continue…  “

jeff_from_mpls on April 30, 2010 at 8:14 AM

Thank you .. Hot Air … Thank you ..Jeff.

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