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Another UNNAMED Administration Member

breeskustcom1Has anyone noticed how often a spokesman for the administration is “unnamed” due to one reason or another?

More often than not.

In the announcement that the GOVERNMENT is preparing a bankruptcy filing for Chrysler .. the GOVERNMENT … and..

“The Treasury has an agreement in principle with the United Automobile Workers union, whose members’ pensions and retiree health care benefits would be protected as a condition of the bankruptcy filing, said these people, who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.”

May as well question at the same time how was the union able to make a “deal” with the government as far as Chrysler goes?  When and from where did the man sitting in the Oval Office of the White House get the power to take over ANY private company .. whether that company has taken a government loan or not?

When was Obama elected to be “dictator”?

In the same article quoted from above .. it says….

“In a negotiation like this, everything is speculation until there’s a deal,” said an administration official who did not want to be named because the talks are private.”

No one is ever allowed to be identified .. when speaking for this administration… the “most transparent administration ever”.

What a sad pathetic joke has been played on the American people … and there is so much happening.. so many dire deeds .. every day .. it is hard to keep up.

Another unnamed administration member. Maybe they are simply ashamed to have to speak for the administration..  ashamed to be a part of it at all .. though yeah that would be a long shot.

Take note of how many remain unnamed .. you may be surprised.



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