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Apology Not Enough.. Now We Must Pay

We are horrible consummerists.  We use products with abandon and carelessness.

Now it is only right we pay for consequences.. which of course means paying for the carbon emissions in China .. after all if it were not for the greedy consummerism of Americans .. China would not have all those emissions.

So thinks the Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.

Obama has set the stage by first making apologies for us around the world.  Now the cleanup act begins.

After all .. it is all our fault you know.

Welcome to Obamaland.

By the way .. how could something like “man made climate change through carbon emissions”.. all based on just bogus science .. have gained such a foothold on this whole world?  Read  this closely and you will see it has nothing to do with correcting climate change or controlling carbon emissions.

It has everything to do with control and money.

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