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Are The Chickens Finally Coming Home To Roost?



As covered up scandal after covered up scandal breaks wide open with the Obama administration … and one lie after another is revealed … perhaps the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

That would be a good sign for we the people in every way … but especially for the elections coming up next month .. providing we can overcome the election fraud we know will transpire.

Aides knew of possible White House tie to Cartegena, Columbia prostitution scandal … 

This type of maneuvering by this administration has been in play from day one …. when they took over General Motors … but of course at that time too many people were looking at Obama to do magical things as he promised and were not able to see beyond that.

It is beyond a tragedy when we look back at how many people’s lives were destroyed by the swath of Obama’s hand with the takeover of General Motors … and when we look at how many people after that to today have suffered at his hand. It is something that only each of those who did suffer can speak of for none of it was of course ever played out to the public through our media as they fought vigorously to protect and cover for Obama.

Perhaps this is now beginning to change .. and the chickens really are finally coming home to roost.

It won’t be much of a help to those lives who have been destroyed but at least it should give some minor comfort in knowing the hope might be there that this country will survive Obama’s hand yet.

Obama of course will never be touched … for it has been set up that he never knew a thing about anything … anywhere … ever … except of course he got bin Laden.

Would it not be great to have a leader back in the Oval Office … sitting in that great chair that is in that room?

How thankful we can be that the chair itself has always been and hopefully will always remain bigger than the man who sits in it.

Those chickens had better come home to roost soon….. for this is the mad track we are on … right now in Nebraska …. and it makes me wonder if it is all a part of the Common Completely Politically Perfect Don’t Genderize ME Core….

Do not call boys and girls .. boys and girls…. perhaps we can call them purple penguins?????

Of course … as all the madness goes on around us … Obama is off … FUND raising… with the Hollywood stars … naturally.


… and then there is this…

NBC News softens report on ISIS inspired plot preempted by Canadian officials... thanks to Hot Air.

This of course comes less than a month away from the election.

Could this really mean that the top priority of our great mainstream media IS politics … of all things… not ever ever ever the safety and well being of we the people?


Could this be an underlying reason why Obama refuses to ban flights from nations who hare in the middle of an ebola epidemic?  Would he not love to have this kind of control over each and every one of us?

Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf seeks more power to fight ebola.