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Are We Heading To The End Of This?

Are we heading to the end of this … where free speech .. which includes blogs such as this …is guaranteed all Americans without fear of legal repercusion?

Read the headlines of these two reports.

Cuban leader applauds U.S. healthcare reform bill

Anti-Chavez TVchannel owner arrested in Venezuela

Now read Obama dares Republicans to seek a repeal of the healthcare bill.

Why does Obama  need to go around the country touting a bill that has already passed?

Could it be to continue to fool the people who have been fooled the most by this bill… to insure they do not begin to see the truth before the November election?

Will he then continue to do the same thing beyond to assure they stay numb and dumb until he is re-elcted?

Once the real effects of this bill hit home to all .. which is 1014 .. he must think he will be safely ensconced in his seat of power … with who knows how much shredding of the Constitution left in his path to that time.

Fight .. people … fight for your freedom.  Not with arms or violence but in the way we in America always have.  Fight with your voice and your vote .. ringing out the truth more loudly than ever before.

Freedom is irreplaceable and it is ours to fight to keep.

We owe it to all freedom loving peole worldwide and to all those who come after us.

Let’s not allow this country to continue on the path of Cuba or Venezuela.

We are America .. the land of the free.

At least we were until last Sunday.

Here are some huge immediate hits by the healthcare bill … just the beginning.

How many job losses, business closings, including hospitals and doctors’ offices.. will be affected … as Obama grows government at our expense by leaps and bounds to enforce all the rules and mandates he has put on all Americans in this bill?

The so called “rich”.. those Obama is driving to bring down… do not have close to the amount of money needed to provide the utopia Obama has promised in his fraudulent touting of this bill… and he does not care.

He cares about power .. and the liberal  lackies in Congress feed it to him .. at the expense of our freedom… at the expense of all those who have provided us with jobs and security… at the expense of every single American who works hard day in and day out to provide a living for him/her self and family.

If anyone dares speak the truth .. they are referred to as fanning the fires of hate … by Obama and his like.

Keep speaking the truth .. America.

This is our country.

We made a huge mistake by putting Obama in our Oval Office seat.

We must work hard to ensure all his lackies are out in November .. then continue beyond that to ensure Obama will not sit there for a second term.

We can do it.

We must.

We must let freedom ring.

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