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The Nunes Memo As Seen By Nolte of Breitbart

16 things the media do not want you to know about the Nunes memo

Illegal Immigrants Ad and Our Legislators

This ad needs to be seen by all Americans everywhere as our legislators hold illegal immigrants above all Americans.     President Trump …. hold our ground!   Read more…      

A Limbaugh Lesson For Every True American

If you value your freedom… you need to read what Rush Limbaugh spoke today.  It should be immediately put into the hands and eyes and ears of every single American who has no idea of what is going on in this country outside of what the mainstream media reports. The mainstream media is all lies […]

Speaking of Charlottesville … what About UC Berkeley?

  No violence is ever right … but it is amazing how quickly the media jumps on one type and totally ignores another.  Look at the violence in Charlottesville as opposed to the violence at Berkley. Tell the full story or none at all. Be honest …. not biased. Is that really asking too much […]

President Trump’s Accomplishments

You will not find anything printed in the news outlets about the accomplishments of President Donald Trump so you can read them below.  SOME REAL TRUMP NEWS   Updated 07/05/17   As you read this remember President Trump has donated his paycheck.  He gets nothing for all of his work.        On Trade: 1) […]

Remember Benghazi?

Does anyone remember Benghazi? Every American student should be shown the true story in the form of the movie….. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi along with the story our government gave to cover up why the Americans fighting for their lives received no help from our military that night when that help was […]

London Attack a Lesson For We in America?

The following should be a great immediate lesson for all Americans. Will we see? Will we hear? Will we act or allow President Trump to act to protect us which is one of the office’s main purposes? By KAIE HOPKINS FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 17:44 EDT, 22 March 2017 | UPDATED: 20:30 EDT, 22 March 2017 […]

Why President Trump Is Right In Going Around the Media

If you doubt President Trump is right about going around the media… read this.. “Obama linked activists have a training manual for protesting Trump” The media is and will continue to work for the President Trump antagonists…which is evident every day in their reporting. Obama praised the protesters…. saying he was “heartened”…. and this is a […]

President Trump Keep On Keeping On

How did President Trump’s executive order on temporarily blocking immigrants from seven terrorist loaded countries possibly expand into “he wants to kick out all foreigners in this country…. legal or illegal…” ? The left is raging mad. Meryl Streep’s latest rant….. President Trump … keep on working…. keep on keeping on. We true Americans are […]

Immigration Order of President Trump Good Idea?

Watch this and you decide if President Trump is right in issuing his immigration order. This IS the United States.       By the way… with all the brouhaha going on over President Trump’s illlegals ban…. President Obama suspended all Iraqi’s from entering the United States for six months in 2011 over terrorism fears.  […]

The Reasoning That Brought Us President Trump

  It is exactly the reasoning or lack of it that is shown in this article by Michael Grunwald of Politico Maazine that caused the election of President Trump. How great it is to have a clear voice of reason leading this nation! Now it is up to us to stand behind him in every […]

President Trump the Leader

  And finally the time is here and we have a leader….. President Trump. How great it is.