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Benghazi … Way Beyond Politics

The Benghazi massacre has gone from something political … or as Obama declared it to be … just another “bump in the road”… to something dark and dire and ugly.



Not one of the survivors of that massacre has ever stepped forward to tell the true story of what happened there.


Where are they?

Who are they?

Men gave their lives defending our embassy there … just another “bump in the road”.

Now it comes out that those who would speak have been threatened by the Obama administration.

Why are we not surprised?

This has now stepped far beyond politics into that dark black area that resembles all other dark areas in history where one power has decided to overcome all others at any cost to anyone and especially to those who stand in the way.

The massacre at Benghazi was in the way.

Lest we forget … graphic images.

P.S.  Would anyone get away with this type of “investigation” of Obama et al?  

That question was meant to make you laugh of course.

… and besides everything… above all else… “Benghazi happened a long time ago…”  as Jay Carney so blithely puts it … and Kerry says we must “demythologize” it.

Why the cover up?

Who knows?