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Better Schooling For Our Kids

Obama’s next push?

We must make the school days longer .. after all we are not producing children educated on the same scale as Korea.

Make the days longer?

What about making the hours that our chldren already spend in school worth something?

It would be great if each of our teachers in the public (government) schools could be fully responsible to hold each of his/her students fully responsible for his/her work.

It would be great if each teacher could teach the subject hired to teach and not have to worry about  anything beyond that.  Each student would get the grade he/she earned .. by virtue of tests .. period.  If he/she failed … he/she failed.  If it meant not graduating.. it meant not graduating.

In other words .. if the teachers all taught just what they were supposed to teach .. our kids would be fine.

Forget the coddling .. the patting on backs …the treating like kids.

Teach.  That is what you are there for, teachers.. and if you take it upon yourself to teach … the kids will learn.  Command their respect … and they will learn simply out of their respect to you.

Teach.  That is what you are there for .. just as the kids are there to learn.

The kids cannot learn if they are not taught.

Forget the social teachings .. forget what they are going through in their personal lives.  This is school.  Make them know that.  Make them know that school is there for learning the academics of life.

They will learn their social lessons elsewhere.

Teach.  Teach them that they are responsible for the consequences of their actions by giving them honest grades for what they do.  Give them the grades they earn by how much they learn.

Teach.  Do not coddle them because they are kids.  You are there to prepare them to live in this world as it is today and to do that they need to be shown as much reality as possible.  That does not come by coddling.

Teach.  Do not bully .. do not appease … do not coddle.

Just teach.

If each teacher would do that .. our kids would learn more than enough to be at the top of any class any where in the world.

Of course .. to be able to do that .. just teach … our government has to let go of the schools.  They are no more government schools than General Motors is a government owned auto company . no matter what Obama thinks.  You see .. all the money is yours and mine ..not the government’s.

So… our government has to allow the teachers to be that .. .teachers.

No more silly national testing .. which robs hours and days out of their teaching routine … “preparing” the students for this testing.

Do not allow the government to start coming into our schools to indoctrinate them into any political theory or idea.

Our teachers need to be focused on teaching .. period. They make honest wages with benefits many others don’t get …. and they should be teachers…not negotiators of better and bigger contracts… or buffers between kids and adult agendas.

Let the schools be schools for our kids.

That is why they were created.

Let them be halls of learning.

Don’t increase the time they must spend there.  Increase the benefit they get from the time already spent.

Adults should be able to do that without punishing our kids by making their school days longer.

Certainly there is a better way to better the schooling for our kids than by demanding more hours from them to be added to those already being wasted.

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