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Biofuels and Freedom

Conservation is a great thing.  It always has been and always will be.

So is freedom.

There is not a thing wrong with working to find biofuels that work … that are economical and can be used in cars the people want to drive.

This is a great part of what makes America great .. the freedom and ability for anyone and everyone to think up things to make life better… and the freedom of the people to buy what they choose.

The problem comes when the government focuses on one thing and decides that is how all America will be…. that is what all America will have.. whether they want it or not.

Of course there are rules of law that are necessary… human nature commands that.

However .. using biofuels .. the percentage of use we must use biofuels .. and all else concerning biofuels… mandated by federal law… goes against all this country stands for.

Let companies develop what they can … get it on the market … see what the demand is .. as we have been doing for decades.

Why should this change for fuels?  

Carbon emissions?

Ethanol produces more carbon emissions than gas.

Wind energy?  Just the production of the turbines will have to have a great impact on carbon emissions.

Put the carbon emission issue.. which is such a non issue to begin with … aside.

Allow our people…. Americans .. to drill for our oil

Allow our people… Americans .. to continue to research biofuels.

Allow our people… Americans .. to decide for themselves which is best for them.

In other words… let the market speak.

Let America survive.

Keep Americans free.

Of course .. the laws are already on the books.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wipe them all off and return to reason?

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