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Bits And Pieces

Funny .. isn’t it … how some people grow into their names?  Enough said on that.

…. just mind rambling a bit here……………..

Obama obviously puts the voice of the U.N. above our Constitution … otherwise there is no way he would be in Libya.  Enough said on that.

Obama obviously puts himself above everyone.. free to do as he pleases … such as his operations in Yemen under the CIA .. instead of the military.. freeing him from the regulations of the military concerning war. Of course .. this is being done in the name of going after al Qaeda .. but is that what we are really doing in Yemen?

Does Obama look at the FBI as his stepping stone into creating the national security force he said is so important to have?  Could be .. if you put the idea that he is broadening the FBI’s ability to search private citizens in a way as never before.

Fast Tube by Casper


Obama lies are plentiful …

US producing more oil than ever before…fence between US and MX ‘practically complete”… no boots on the ground in Libya … health care bill will not increase deficit by one dime .. you can keep your old health care if you choose to … Obamacare fee is not a new tax … we have run out of places to drill in America … we should not mandate purchase of healthcare … PayGo will be instituted immediately…. this will be the most transparent administration ever … all health care deals will be covered on C-span … unemployment will not go above 8% with the stimulus plan… recovery act will save and create millions of jobs …  no earmarks in the stimulus bill … had no idea Wright was a radical … Americans will have five days to review all bills that come to my desk before I sign them …. “present” votes are common in Ill … I don’t have lobbyists … military action  in Libya is small so I don’t need to address Congress on it ….

Nothing new there .. is there?

The Palin emails were a complete wipeout for the lib media .. and the libs in totality.

There wasn’t a single thing that could be found to build on and make into even a small seemingly honest lie to use against her.

Republican hopefuls debate each other tonight?

Where oh where is the one who will stand head and shoulders over Obama for the sake of this country? Where is the one who will stand ground and do what needs to be done to restore this country’s freedom that has been so pricelessly paid for?  That means who is the one who will get rid of Obamacare …  quit the spending by this government of ours .. get this government off our backs and by that I mean explicitly off the backs of our business people…order oil drilling wherever we can get it to once and for all become completely free from mideast oil … make sure our military gets out of Iraq and no longer follows the order of the UN … get the government out of our car companies … and out of all our business .. keep the FBI corralled to do its job and not become a threat to we the people … in short where is the true American who is not afraid to stand up and fight for true American values?

Will we find one in the mix?

We must.