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Bits And Pieces

Get out and vote in your state’s primaries!

Just when you know nothing could get more nonsensical … this is thrown out there …  EPA wants to regulate farm dust!

On the other hand .. this news offers a glimmer of hope…  Virginia says asking about immigration status is OK. However .. this OK does seem to have some silly strings attached. This is all so ridiculous.  Are you not asked to show your driver’s license whenever you are stopped by the police?

One more plus was also in Virginia … with the decision that the state’s lawsuit against Obama’s healthcare can go forward.

Are you not glad you pay taxes?  Here is where some of it is going today… to help the Dems get elected.

.. and this has to be a joke… this administration caring about ethics? The underlying motive has something to do with power … perhaps … but certainly not ethics.

… and here comes the power of the UAW… which owns half of General Motors with its new president Bob King stating it will mount a ‘tough new effort to organize all nonunion auto workers’… and “can’t wait for Congress to act on the employee free choice act that will make it oh so much easier to organize all those people.  The fun part will be to see the union bargaining with itself when the time comes.

This .. from Pete Stark .. Congressman from California .. should entertain you..

Fast Tube by Casper

… and perhaps this Chicago refrigerator art will inspire you.

Oh.. from Lori at Red State comes this .. President Obama, shamelessly and hypocritically lying.  Again.

Have a great day.

Get out and vote.