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Bits And Pieces

The desperation of this administration is showing more and more as the election draws nearer .. and it is shown in the accusations made against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Obama… and it is good to know the response from the Chamber has been loud and clear.

Obama talks about “drowning out the voice of the American people.” He and his administration are the only ones who have been and continue to do that.

Obama himself has consistently and relentlessly ignored that voice … blatantly lying and misrepresesnting in any way he can .. any way he feels may work .. and it matters not that he is using his those  people who stand with him against themselves .. for all he is asking them to vote for is against everything every single American stands for.


One good thing to come of this desperation and mindset of willing to say and do whatever must be said or done to keep the power…. Obama has lifted the moratorium on deep oil drilling .. which was a pathetic joke to begin with.

The lifting of the moratorium comes .. of course .. with a price to the oil companies.  More regulations.

The Volt.. Obama’s favored vehicle of his favorite auto company .. Government .. umm..  General  Motors .. won’t even get you  to work and back and here it is touted to be “the” breakout “electric” car of all time or something.

It is not an electric car.  It is a hybrid .. and the battery charge will take you only 4o miles and then takes 6 hours to recharge.  The gas tank is about 12 gallons .. but does get a lot of miles to the gallon.

The price is horrendous .. about $40,000 .. with a rebate from the government .. or from you yourself as it is tax dollars that pay for the rebate  .. of around $7,000.  A charge it yourself charge station at your home will cost you somewhere between $2400 and $3000.

Ready to buy?

Oh by the way … some union workers at General Motors have had a pay cut of about 50%.. down to $15 / hour. Great deals .. with the union and the government owning the company.. and really caring about “the people”.


Unbridled Power …