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Bits And Pieces

Senator Bright (D-AL) … when asked whether or not he would back Nancy Pelosi … responded by giving examples of things that could happen in which he would not then have to worry about whether to vote for her or not.  One was Pelosi may get sick and die before then.   The press tried to make this a big deal.  It was just a statement that reflected what in reality might happen … to any of us.  What was more important about the incident was he refused to say he would vote for her.

There is hope for this country yet.

The flak the press has given over Alan Simpson’s statement in an email about Social Security it absolutely ridiculous.  What he said is most likely true .. just as is most likely true about any government run program where money being given out is in play.  There are always those who will learn to “milk the system” .. whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

Think Obama is like those who … when under pressure .. escape to eating .. or drinking .. or smoking .. or whatever .. only he escapes period?

Some leader.

And now eggs become a rare commodity .. as the government keeps the pressure on there… and more and more stores taking eggs off the market for fear of being sued by some consumer seeing an easy dollar to be made.

And Obama vacations on Martha’s Vineyards.

What about those eggs?  What about Iraq?  What about this lack of work for so many many many Americans?  What about the housing market?  What about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their loan procedures?  Are they still giving houses away? What about all those banks being closed?  What about the ownership the government has of General Motors and Chrysler?  What about that moratorium on oil drilling and all the jobs taken away with it? What about the control of  What about the government’s hand in the oceans and waterways and jobs being taken away there?  What about Afghanistan?  What about the Iman of the mosque to be built at Ground Zero?

What about this “recovery summer”?

What about WE THE PEOPLE?  Looks like the enemy comes first … such as this accused bomber of the USS Cole.

Hey!  Get another round of golf going!  Fast!

November is coming.  Let’s make sure there is hope for this country yet.