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Bits And Pieces

It has been quite a year.  None of it has to be repeated here.  We all lived it and can look back to see just what went on.

It continues to the end.

As gas prices steadily rise .. with demand being down… where is the outrage that was there against George Bush when prices rose during his term… by the Democrats?  Remember?  They railed against Bush for “protecting” the oil companies … allowing them to milk us all at the pumps… yet it was all working according to supply and demand.

Not now.

Oh how silent the tongues fall when it is one of their own who is truly doing the manipulating.  Of course .. he must do that .. for how else will he force the sale of “his” cars?

Have you purchased your Volt yet?

Let’s make sure the new Republican Congress members hold onto their backbones .. as is indicated they just may dol as Obama works around Congress to get his way.  Don’t get tired of the fight!

It is so nice to know our schools are still being so well guarded.  Oh … how refreshing some common sense and reason would be!

Somehow.. this is very amusing.  It reminds me of how our very young son would get back at his best friend when that friend did something he did not like.  This is the most amusing part…. State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley said late Wednesday that the U.S. has taken “appropriate, proportional and reciprocal action.”

Will we see some adults in Washington come next week?

Let us all hope so .. and keep on them should they begin to slip back to childhood!