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Bits And Pieces

Hmmm… we cannot be bothered to do or say much about the invasion of our southern border but …. we sure can stop that 9 year old child from coming  here to Disney World!  After all .. he might just choose to stay!

Steady on the road to less economy …  Obama stays on his path to shut down coal … with the EPA’s refusal of a permit for  a huge coal mining project in West Virginia.

There is so much that is such drivel out there it is not worthy even commenting on .. such as this .. and this … and this.

The price of gas is rising and rising and not a word is allowed to be said anywhere in the media about it.  Why?  This is the one thing that will affect everyone of our lives in ways unimaginable .. when you consider everything that is produced that is dependent on oil.. either in the actual product or in the energy needed to produce the product.

There would be absolutely no need for us to be dependent on Mideastern oil .. if we would  just “drill.. baby … drill”.

However .. was not the phrase “never let a good crisis go to waste” applied at the BP oil spill?  Of course .. and this is the end result .. as Obama’s rule marches on through and over all.

We are being forcefully steered into the direction Obama et al have set out for us.

It is the same old story .. the loss of our freedom for this administration knows best what is good for us … and none of us is supposed to object in any way.  Instead we are supposed to join those who know so well what we all need and quietly accept with civility all that is so generously being offered us… and now .. once and for all.. show toward anyone who dares to object in any way the same incivility that this administration has set the example to do .. to just tell them to shut up and be civil for crying out loud.

Was it a Republican that suggested we reach out and hold their hand… sit beside them.. those who are backing the takeover of our freedom through and through .. and then what?

Agree with them?

Madness .. through and through.

Oh… and included in those groups being exempt from the Individual Mandate Excise Tax .. which is the penalty all must pay who do not buy health insurance …. are all undocumented immigrants.

What a wonderful welcoming country we are indeed.

While you are checking that out.. that tax ..make sure you note all the other taxes that are wrapped up in Obamacare.

It is those millions of hardworking Americans who are the backbone of this country who are paying the awful price for this administration’s action… and that price is growing higher each and every day. This healthcare bill is the single most ominous piece of legislation to ever cross the desk of any President of this country that a person sitting at that desk has actually signed into law.

I am quite sure I would be safe in saying most people don’t have a clue as to what is written into that law.

By the way .. whatever happened to the voices of “drill … baby .. drill”?

Oh .. yes … we must show civility now.  It would be so uncivil of anyone to insist on such a thing as “drill .. baby .. drill” when we all know perfectly well that they just do not want us to drill.

Would it not?