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Bits And Pieces

Our freedom of speech needs chains on it to be able to survive? That sounds as insane as anything we have heard yet… and this is a Brit telling us what we need. Life gets curiouser and curiouser… and even more so with the following thought….

GOP’s healthcare repeal.. tactless timing?

Never has a tragedy been used so relentlessly by anyone as the tragedy in Arizona is being used by the left… or is this really something new?

It isn’t.

The left has a reputaion of relentlessly using anything it can over the years .. if it can be used to advance their agenda in any way… or to divert the attention of the people from what they are doing against the will of the people.

The “fairness doctrine” could not be more inapppropriately named. It in fact should be called the “unfairness doctrine” for it shuts down that which the people wish to listen to and forces that which they don’t wish to listen to.

Everything on the airwaves is open to all to listen to.  Choices are made.  Those things the people wish to listen to stay on the air.  Those things the people wish not to listen to go off the air. It’s called supply and demand.

The fairness doctrine makes sure all on the air becomes just the opposite.  It’s goal would be to shut down free speech .. but only for certain hand-picked Americans hand-picked by those in control.

That is the “fairness doctrine”?

How could Eric Cantor even consider for a moment he and the other Republicans could cut a deal with the Democrats on raising the debt ceiling? Has he not learned yet that the Dems will promise whatever they must to get thier way … but never never never never ever keep those promises?  How in the world has not every single American learned that yet .. much less the Republican House Majority Leader????

Raise the debt ceiling .. then go at the Dems?

Madness reigns everywhere.

Cut the spending … cut the spending .. cut the spending.  It is still reverberating from the polls of November.

What happens once these guys enter Washington?  How can they become so deaf dumb and blind so quickly?

Will we all succumb if we hold our breath waiting for the GOP to stand up with the backbones we expect them to have?

Keep those lines to Washington busy .. people.  Don’t ever let them forget who put them there and why.

The battle is ongoing.