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Bits And Pieces

Could Obama really be hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood?  You decide.

Hillary Clinton is absolutely deluded if she thinks she or anyone can talk the Muslim Brotherhood out of their beliefs.  Not having her eyes open to reality spells danger in all ways to our country.

It’s interesting how the administration insists that any debt ceiling deal made must hold through November 2012.  Intersting … but not one bit surprising.  More interesting is how Obama lectures and lectures to the Republicans about “getting serious” about this deal while he himself does nothing … but lecture.

Could Reid’s promises of a debt reduction proposal be nothing more than trick mirrors?

Sen. Hoyer should be more careful with his words.  Does he really want to speak the truth?

.. and the Dems still sound the hue and cry of  ‘we want to help the people!’ by taking away from them…  and ‘the American people are with us!’…. ‘shared sacrifices!’   The drumbeat goes on and on … reality excluded.

.. and once more Obama screams ‘TIME TIME TIME”… we have no TIME.. just as in the stimulus bill and the healthcare bill …and all the time he had he used not at all to solve the problem .. or to even try to solve the problem…..

He just lies.

Will yet another unread bill go on the books?

We count on Speaker Boehner to make sure that does not happen. We count on Boehner to NOT increase the debt ceiling. We count on Speaker Boehner to just do what is right … forget what Obama et al think.  If the result is a shutdown.. so be it.  If it default.. so be it.  If it is screaming and shouting and threats.. so be it.  This country and the freedom we enjoy has a price attached to it that is worth anything any of us have to endure to preserve.

Who cares what Obama et al think?

.. and surprise surprise…. we may not be broke after all by August 2 … we may have another week!  Interesting indeed.

Any moral convictions you have concerning right or wrong need to be strongly taught at home.  The pressure to erase those moral convictions becomes stronger and stronger as one more state .. New York …is added to the list of those endorsing gay marriages.

Could the bombing in Norway really be  the fault of American conservative bloggers   who speak the truth about Muslim extremism … Muslim terrorism?

Why not?

After all .. if the Democrats can blame the jobs situation on the Republicans …. anyone can blame anything on anyone they please.

The madness goes on.