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Bits And Pieces

Steve Jobs… 1955-2011

A note to those idiots holding fort against Wall Street .. rather than working to make their lives worth something. Have you used your iPod today.. your iPhone… your iPad?  Steve Jobs produced.  He used capitalism to give us technology for our use as none other of us would have ever imagined was possible.

Obama arrogance unbridled …  as he brags about his healthcare regulation that would require all Americans to buy health insurance and every policy would carry coverage in total of all manners of birth control .. including abortion.

There is nothing nothing nothing this man in our Oval Office proposes that anyone should back .. not one single thing.  Once more .. Obama shows his two faced lying arrogance in this speech trying to tell us we the people are frustrated with banks now even as he poured our money into them and then forced them to enact policies that were totally against their ability to survive.  Our banks are a service to us.  They guard our money .. protect it.  It is a service we must be epected to pay for .. yet Obama took away their means of making money … and now as they try to enact other ways to survive and some idiots rail at the nerve of them charging us for their services … Obama steps in to try to take full advantage of that and try to convince us we are all very much “frustrated” with our banks.

He desperately turns from one “blame” speech to another .. one “blame” target to another .. never ever hitting the middle where he and he alone stands as the sole cause of all that is wrong with our financial health today… he and his meddling hand with the thousands of new regulations upon businesses he has put in place since taking office .. his shutting down huge businesses and therefore putting out of work thousands of Americans … as in the oil industry, the coal industry, our space industry. our auto industry …. just to mention a few.

With each business he touched … so many more businesses were affected ….closing their doors by force at his command .. such as the auto dealers… or by direct consequences such as in Florida … the hundreds of businesses surrounging our space program .. who lived and thrived because of that program.

It is a travesty what Obama has done thus far.

Stop him now .. you in Congress.  You were elected to work for the people. Do that now by never saying yes again to a single proposal put forth by Obama .. no matter what the consequences may be to you personally or careerwise.

Think of our troops and how they are fighting for us with no thought of anything but the  protection of this country.

We now must do the same … and that fight here is against all that Obama wants to still do … and will do as long as he is allowed .. which will result in every single one of our freedoms being taken away.

The blame game goes on with bald faced lies .. day after day.

Another today is the fact that Obama dares to call the Congress a do nothing Congress .. when it is his pal Reid who refused to take a vote on his .. Obama’s … precious “jobs bill” … even as Boehner urged him to do so.

It is madness at his fullest … day after day after day.

We must get this person out of our Oval Office.

We simply must if we are going to be allowed to keep on breathing.

At today’s press conference … Obama seemed to be just plain indignant that anyone would dare question him or anyone in his administration .… especially if suggesting anyone there is to blame for anything.

Amazing?  Not really.  Not a day will ever come that Obama will take responsiblity for any negative anything.

Not ever.

Nor will Joe Biden  …. even when admitting most of the country believes we are going in the wrong direction.  Instead .. Biden tells us we believe the system is unfair.  What does that mean?  Does he really believe he should give half of what he earns to me?  How does he dare say the banks are not paying their fair share after Obama took just about all of their means of making any money away from them?

Concerned where all of this may be leading?  We all should be… for here is the first step to the annihilation of Americans we do not agree with…..    Secret panel can put Americans on “kill list”.

They did just that with Anwar al-Alawki .. an avowed terrrorist against the United States with the muslims … who was killed rather than allowed his day in court… which is very interesting since the would be “underwear” bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is having his day in court right now… even though he is not and never has been an American citizen.

Also.. it is quite interesting how many big names have retracted their negative statements about things this administration has done … like former Chrysler CEO Nardelli.. who at first proclaimed the government should never have given Chrysler to Fiat… and now reverses that statement.

Last week, Nardelli told The Detroit News he laments “all the time” that private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, for which he still works, is no longer running the smallest of Detroit’s three auto companies.

“If the government gave us the deal they gave Fiat, we’d be doing just fine — really,” Nardelli told The Detroit News on the sidelines of last week’s Dow Jones private equity analysts conference in New York. “There was no reason for the government to give Chrysler away.”

Makes you wonder… who was pressured and how?  Obviously someone was in a big big way.