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Bits And Pieces

The heartbreak of the loss in Afghanistan is wordless … something you cannot fully relate to unless you have been in those shoes.

Our hearts go out to all those families who are greiving so horribly at this time.

A single horrible fact of this whole affair is how Joe Biden revealed something that should never have been revealed… that it was the Navy Seals Team 6 that got bin laden.

The only consolation in this is knowing he will have to live the rest of his days with the knowledge that he is the one who announced that to the world.

Now we have Obama … once more with his head in the sand .. never ever looking at himself but passing the blame onto anyone and everyone he can for all that has gone so dreadfully wrong at his hand… and even as this country stands on that terrible brink of destruction where he has brought us.. he works at tightening the screws even tighter … now through the trucking industry... and of course Standard and Poor will now be investigated for daring to downgrade our credit rating.

The credit downgrade seems to be an especially great opportunity to attempt to degrade the Tea Party .. those people who so clearly see the source of this mess and are not afraid to speak it and fight it.

Is there hope for this country?

Only if we get a leader in Washington.

The downgrade in credit … how in the world can anyone be surprised?  What happened to thousands of Americans who overspent on their credit and found themselves unable to pay that debt off?

They were forced to change their ways … period.  Their spending ability was brought to an abrupt halt.

It is just mindboggling that the so called adults in Washington just seem to miss that most simple basic point over and over and over again.

What is the solution to all of this?

You would think it would be to immediately stop spending .. right?

Oh no.  The solution is to raise taes and spend some more.  Even some Republicans seem to want to head this way… those who so easily are brought to their knees by pressure … those who have no real convictions of their own.


We really need to throw out the whole bunch in Washington.. all ecept those who see the reality of where we are and how we got there and were not afraid to vote against the joke of a debt deal that was passed and signed by Obama …. and start all over.

The bunch there now are unbelievably stupid and buried in their own sense of self importance to the point that reality is completely obscured from them… that reality being we must stop the spending in Washington..we must cut back on the spending now being done and quit pretending we are cutting by saying we won’t spend so much down the road…  and we simply must get Washington off the backs of our buisinesses.

Washington’s regulations are killing this country.

in fact ….. Washington has become a pathetic joke.

In the meantime .. Al Gore is on a rampage with this summer’s heat.  So sad that nothign can be attributed to God .. not even Mother Nature’s work.