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Bits And Pieces

If there isn’t something illegal about using our White House as a reelection campaign ‘base’… certainly there is something unethical about it .. don’t you think?

White House sends out a minimum of 50 emails to reporters following Obama speech … which sure seem to smell  like campaign emails…..          Ahh.. Obama wouldn’t do that .. would he?

We all need to read this… and decide for ourselves if we feel Obama is overusing his power… or setting a double standard .. one for his family and one for us….

Obama’s uncle quietly released from jail… 

We all need to read this to know just eactly how the Republicans let us down in the joust over the increase of the debt limit…

Senate approves $500 billion dollar debt limit increase………  

It is quite mindboggling to realize just how little our voices as American citizens seem to mean to those we elected to work for us in Washington.

Now comes Obama’s new stimulus spending plan… and what a joke it is to all fiscally responsible Americans.  The big play seems to be on the “generous” payroll tax holiday.

You need to know that with this “great” rollback of taxes… someone making $50,000/ year gets a $1000 tax cut anually.  How much is it going to cost us all if another $450 billion is borrowed by Obama?

How will the Republicans play this one?

How will they compromise with Obama now?

How much more of the store will they give away … the store being our freedom?

There is only one way to restore our economy.

Get government out of the way.  Wipe the table clean of all new regulations and mandates. Free businesses from government’s control so they have room to operate..  air to breathe.


Of course it is the Tea Party’s “radicalism” that is causing the economy to continue to nose dive.. and all because it .. the Tea Party .. wants to hurt Obama… this coming from the oracle of wisdom himself…  Reid.

“I urge reasonable Republicans to resist the voices of the Tea Party and others who would oppose this legislation and [instead] root for our economy,” Reid said.  “We must not continue to bow to the Tea Party Republicans willing to do anything to hurt the president. [We] cannot allow their radical agenda to crowd out America’s jobs agenda.”…. read more..

How egocentric can any group become?  Does Reid really think the Tea Party cares at all about Obama and whether he is hurt or not?  Of course they don’t .  They care about we the people … and are doing what we all need to be doing…. all we can to preserve what is left of our freedom.

It begins with doing all we can to prevent Obama from destroying any more freedoms than he already has while he is serving out his last year of his term… and then doing whatever we must to make sure he is not reelected in 2012.

It also means making sure we elect the right person into that seat in our Oval Office next year.

The fight for this country is in our hands now as much as it is in the hands of our military serving around the world in defense of us.

We cannot botch it.

We will have no more chances left.

Of course.. Obama demands that Congress pass his jobs plan “right away” ...   and of course he blames Congress for the lack of job creation since he has been in office … and he wants them .. Congress .. to fix it all now … and right now.


Hang tight out there.

Call Washington.

It didn’t work before to the degree we wanted it to work.  Perhaps it will now.

There are strong signs it just might … especially when people are beginning to feel Obama’s presidency is irrelevant.

Now don’t let that make you go and start feeling sorry for the guy!

Let it make you smile in thankfulness instead… and hope.

Just in case you may be thinking there may be one small thing in Obama’s jobs plan that might work … don’t forget he is all about spending .. and his spending has brought the national debt level to a point where it is costing us $3 million / minute .. and do you really think Obama cares?

It’s not his money.