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Bits And Pieces

The potato wins!

What a shame that something such as this celebrating our troops  does not make national headlines.

Instead .. the malcontents of occupy whatever are somehow being treated as some kind of heroes … those who value their freedom not one whit .. and fully walk over all others freedoms.

Tennessee becomes the first state that TSA walks into to spot check their freeways for ‘terrorists”.  Could this ..  be the ‘backdoor’ step for Obama finally obtaining that which he tried so hard to obtain through a rule of Congress in 2009… the beginnings of the national security force that he touted.. a force that was to be more powerful than our own military?

Just wondering.

Do you really believe Obama has ‘given up’ on any of his goals?  Of course not…for he says things are as bad as they are because he ‘still has work to do”.

The lies go on .. .and get much bolder with time .. from this administration et al in Washington.   Here is Reid’s take on the economic situation… the employment picture to be precise… saying this on the Senate floor….

“”It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

Another great lie is the statement that Obama’s latest bus tour was no campaign tour.

You could have fooled those who he spoke to .. I would guess.

Now that Qaddafi is dead .. what are the odds that Obama will now make sure our military will no longer be assigned to Libya?   Well.. he just may pull them away and send them on to Uganda … isn’t that where he is headed with them?

Wonder what Obama owes Soros?   Our military is at his disposal to pay his personal debts?

Our Peace Prize president who dared to revile Bush for going into Iraq makes more of a mockery of our Oval Office every single day … and even as he does this he goes along from day to day as though nothing in this world can possible stop his ‘work’… his ‘progress’.

Something else to think about … just how much weight does Freedom House throw as the UN  decides who will and who will not survive among the leaders of this world’s countries?  The United States has never been engaged in the UN Human Rights Council .. until now.  Obama was the first president to have the US take a seat on that council.  Interesting?  Ominous would be the word .. ominous to our sovereignty… as the new world order takes on more and more strength?

Who will be the net leader to ‘fall’ .. and just how much help is the US giving to achieve this?

Who has a right to be ‘the assassin’ .. to choose who will live and who will die?

… and even as Obama sides with the confused ‘occupiers’ who lambast Wass Street even as they take advangage of and use all it enables in this country … Obama is the one who has recieved more from Wall Street than anyone.  

… and corporate crony capitalism  is very very very much alive among Obama et al … as is shown in the Fisker electric car loan debacle.


.. and here is one more reminder of how and who is picked as the ‘fortunate’ ones are … in our wonderful new “Obama et al” economy… a pick and choose game according to who knows who and who kisses whose feet….. with our money at the center of it all ….


Fast Tube by Casper


.. and you can be sure  Obama will do whatever he must to make sure those hand picked companies/ corporations of his survive … like GE … and oh… too bad about Solynndra ... ‘.. knew nothing about that company … just nothing….” just like Obama knew nothing about Fast and Furious.

Heaven help us all …. and yes … that is a prayer.