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Bits and Pieces

Can any of us wonder why our country is in the mess it is in after witnessing such idiocy as that which follows?

Fast Tube by Casper

Americans sign petition allowing military troops to commandeer their homes.

It is hard to even imagine the ignorance level of these people who have absolutely no knowledge of the value of the freedoms they enjoy every day or how they were won or fought or … or what protects those freedoms.

How did they get through school?

Just unreal … and the old saying … “those who do not know history are bound to repeat it” surely becomes an extremely sad reality.

Obama seems set upon opening the door to Iran’s will. In fact he already has and Iran is gloating about its win … and Obama is working hard to stop the will of the American people who want to put sanctions on Iran for our own protection.


How can any American president bargain with a country who honors those who kill our people ... and have the will to wipe out all we Americans stand for?

It is good to see Israel standing up for themselves agains this administration.  It is about time.  How in the world can they trust it … this administration … when we the people can’t even trust it?

Does the New York Times not have one whit of a conscience left anywhere within its people? If even one would stand up and refute the madness its paper implies it would perhaps lead to a forced self examination of the rest of the staff …. but then again… I am known as a dreamer.

It too is unreal how it … the NYT … can repeatedly take the stand it has on Benghazi and try to make people believe what they say is real.  Of course… after reading the first item in this article … you can see people believing anything that is thrown at them without even a flinch.


What kind of power does this administration have that keeps all involved so completely silent and buried?

Anyone with any common sense left in them knows what the truth there has to be….. a complete failure of this administration in every way to stand up for the American people.

It is still amazing though … how in spite of all Obama has done to keep America down … and continues to do … we the people continue to be as resilient as always and simply do what we do … what we must do.

We endure … and succeed.

May we continue to endure … in spite of groups like the New York Times … and especially in spite of our own ignorance.

A very timely measure of the level of ignorance is in the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington.   This after all the work done … and money spent … to fight smoking.

Madness prevails.