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Bits And Pieces

Obama rules don’t apply to government owned things… GM CEO to get millionsWhitacre’s pay package exceeds the limits imposed on companies that have received U.S. government aid, but the an exemption was worked out with government pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, GM said.

Of course.  Why not?

KEEP CALLING .. people.  Democrats will pass health bill through reconciliation if they have enough votes…

Oh grow up already … be real.   Muslim group wants Austin plane hit labeled a “terrorist act”.

Oh grow up already .. you too…  Media tries to link Austin pilot with Tea Party movement.

A breath of common sense…. Bush lawyers will not face prosecution.

Politics as usual?  Sestak offered bribe to step out of primary.

Politics as usual?  Get them anyway you can…

Oh quit whining..  Putin helps wipe Plushenko’s tears

A nation of voyeurs revels in another’s humiliation .. and demands more and more and more… Tiger woes. Call it a day .. Tiger.  You owe us nothing.  If we paid to see you … loved watching your ability … made you our kids hero.. it is not your fault.  It is ours.  Go live your life .. play your game.  Your private life belongs to only you.

Could this be part of New York’s “being broke” problem? More and more city workers break $100,000 salary mark.

Passing the buck is the focal point in this administration. Of course Michelle put the books there.  It is her time now… way way way past Jackie’s…   Michelle Obama’s socialist books in White House library.

Taking care of business … Defibrilators in brothels.

No one can stop madness.  On guarding against small plane crashes into buildings…

Double speak .. double speak.. double speak…  it is getting so old…  Now Obama loves Vegas .. loves it when you spend your money there…

And global warming is rampant … especially in Florida.. Cold kills coral…

And a good chuckle does everyone good…  Oh those “ah HA” moments..

Smile .. .everyone.. and enjoy the day!

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