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Bizarre Is The Only Word

What a shame that the person sitting in our Oval Office does not think one kind thing of America as we know and love it.

Among all he has done to “fix” us … he  spent a good time of his first months in office apologizing to the world for us.

Now he is doing it again.

The United States has never recognized the United Nations Human Rights Council because of its criticism of Israel and its membership of repressive  regimes.

Obama has changed that. In his administrations’s report to this council.. the first one ever by the U.S. .. he has apologized .. saying “America’s human rights record is less than perfect while stressing that the U.S. political system has built-in safeguards that promote improvements.”

What makes this statement particularly bizarre is this report … stating how the government now has the right to track you with GPS tracking systems … against you will and against your knowledge... even as Obama aplogizes to the world once more for the “inhumane” behavior of we rotten Americans.  Yes… this “only” applies to certain areas.. but how fast will those areas be expanded?

Get out and vote in November .. know who you are voting for.

Every bit of our freedom is at stake in every way… from every angle.