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Blueprint To Win

Does someone really want to win the presidency in 2012?

Here is a simple blueprint to that end.

Alternative energy is in the works and will always be a part of our future … but in the meantime  .. we will responsibly go after all oil shale and open all drilling … we will go after that which is ours.

Let the oil companies know that if one drop of oil is spilled … they will pay … and they will pay big time.

We now produce half of our own oil.  We can do more and we will.  Not only will we produce all of our own .. we will export any excess.

This will immediately temper the uphill rise in oil prices around the world and will provide an undetermined but very large amount of new jobs here in our country.

It will once and for all break our dependence on mideast oil.

Simple… honest.. common sense based.

A blueprint to win.

Anybody game?

By the way… as gas prices rise above $4 / gallon …  Shell is forced to shut down drilling in Alaska by Obama …. even as Obama gives Brazil billions for their drilling so we can buy it from them…

and.. administrator says EPA climate regulations are nothing to fear..  even as our food and gas and homes and energy costs run up to the point where no one will be able to afford them…. which of course has nothing at all to do with the EPA regulations or Obama’s rule…..

and .. with this new study .. we may be forced to just freeze or boil.. period.. and eat nothing and go no where… for what energy will possilby be green enough to satisfy people such as Jackson?

Of course .. Obama’s agenda is to force us to produce less.. use less… be less… by any means possible.  This is just another one of those means added as insurance against any others that may fail.

Come on .. House Republicans.. do your job. Defund the EPA…..

.. and .. the continued assault against the drug companies by Obama .. another General Motors scenario?  He will gain all control he can over any business he can .. using any law he can no matter how he must twist and bend it to fit his purposes… and if he can’t find a law to suit his purposes .. then he just does it anyhow… citing “presidential privilege” or something….  after all .. that is the name of his game.. control … at any cost.

Here is one more to whom the door of reality concerning Obama is cracked open. Now if only he will step in all the way … and lead others who have been fooled by Obama’s lies to do the same……….

and  … are the suspicions people may have of mosques possibly justified?