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Brit Writer Figures Things All Wrong

Brit  writer for the U.K. Telegraph.. Alex Spillius has it all wrong.

Stating that a poll out by Democracy Corps puts 55% of Americans thinking Obama is a socialist … Spillius rebukes that completely .. calling it absurd. He then states that Americans think a socialist is someone who spends too much money.

He has no concept obviously of what Obama is doing over here across the pond .. and he certainly does not know we Americans.  To patronize us so horribly is an insult to his intelligence.

What Obama is doing  is much much more dire stuff than spending money … as we Americans all know.

Control is the name of the push by Obama.  Control and more control .. and with it of course comes the spending of money .. our money.

Don’t try to analyze us Mr. Spillius.   We are not Brits.  We don’t think like Brits or live like Brits.  We are Americans and we will always stand up for our American way .. even against whoever it is who may be sitting in the White House. .. and that person sitting there today happens to be a socialist to the core.

Come November … we will take much of his power away.

Pay closer attention.  You will figure us out sooner or later.