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Bucyrus Should Have Learned From The Auto Companies

Obama vowed in his campaign to shut down coal mining. Did he mean globally?

The U.S. Export-Import Bank … funded by Congress …  must believe it has made a huge step toward having him accomplish this deal by denying a loan guarantee to Bucyrus International.

Do  these so called men not know that the only hurt they are causing here is the loss of a livlihood to Americans?  The Indian plant will only bring its business elsewhere.  It will not shut them down …. that horrible coal burning plant.

Of course they know that.  They just do not care.  They are owned by Obama.

This company should have learned from the auto companies.

Stay away from government money at any cost.  Take from them … Obama owns you. He has one goal and one goal only and that is control…. at any cost to any American.

This in these United States of America.


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