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Buy Your Neighbor A Car

We now will be part owners in new cars.

“Cash for clunkers” …. such a nice sound to it … has officially become part of our heritage and added on to our good deeding of the day… to go along with giving car companies to the UAW and to Fiat and that sort of stuff.  We will be giving $4500 …give or take a few …. per clunker turned in to be put toward a new car.

We should really feel great about ourselves now… giving so freely to help so many people.

The deal was stuck in with the cash for the war bill and was rescued from demise after some persuaion from Obama to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D) from Washington who was planning to vote no on the bill.. which would have kept the vote one short for passage.

Would be interesting to know how easily these people are “persuaded”.

So enjoy all your cars you are about to see running around the country.  Of course… maybe there won’t be so many after all .. for who can get the credit to pay the balance?

Oh yeah … those who can’t afford to pay….  may.  Somehow someone is going to have to be able to buy all those government controlled cars to be made by those government controlled car companies.. also of course all graciously paid for by you… and who is more worthy of them than those who cannot pay?

You bought them homes … why not cars?

Hard to keep up with how great Obama is making everything work.

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