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Cambridge Climate Congress Keeps The Madness Going

If there is anything that scares you about this global warming nonsense .. once you read what the Cambridge Climate Congress in Cambridge Massachusetts has planned for its city … you will know that the underlying fears that come with all of this global warming nonsense is real.

It is nothing more than a pathway to total control of the citizens.

In its proposals .. the Climate Congress leaves nothing out.  It goes from how to force people to limit their use of electricity to making sure all new development is car free to levying new tazes on car owners by increasing parking tickets , increasing parking permits every year for twenty years, charging eztra for all SUV and “gas guzzling ” vehicles.

Ban plastic bags and bottled water.

Tell people from where and what kind of food to buy … eventually discouraging meat comsumption and using only organic veggies in programs such as school lunches … mandating “meatless Mondays” in restaurants…  converting City Council meals to meatless only with limits on dairy.

Instill lots of classes to indoctrinate the youth.

The crowning jewel of it all is this …

Create Cambridge city signs that homeowners could put up declaring their energy bills per year. The signs would go up in front of the house (like historical building markers) saying, for example, “This house’s annual energy bill is $1,033 for 4 occupants and 2,000 sq feet of space. Ask me how I’ve done it.”

Most people who would do this would have very low energy bills and thus would inspire others to figure out how to do the same. It could make the efficient homeowners proud and reward them for their low bills.

That has to be the greatest insult to an American citizen I have seen yet.  To say it is treating adults like children is a great insult to children.
Read what this great insiteful Cambridge Climate Congress is planning for yourself .. here.

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