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Can You Do This?

Can you do this .. and get away with it?

White House Aims To Cut Deficit With TARP Cash

Obama now says he wants to use some of the stimulus money to pay off the national deficit …therfore being able to say he has cut the deficit.


Then he wants to keep some in case of “emergencies”.  (in case he needs to buy some votes???)

Anyhow…. he says he wants tol do this.  It is no different than if you or I were given a loan and paid off another loan with it.  We would still be in debt.

We certainly would not have cut our debt amount.

Obama says it will cut his deficit.

Can you do this and get away with it .. make people believe you are now debt free .. especially your wife maybe?

Do you think there are many Americans who will clap their hands and yell “Yay” when they hear this?

What a joke.

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