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Cancer Treatment Cut As White House Plans Rock Gala

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Medicare cancer patients who need it most are being cut off from their treatment as the White House plans a great rock party.… and all because of the “sequestration” as the Obama “squeeze” goes deeper.

Is their something wrong with this picture?

Of course there is but who in Washnigton … in this administration of Obama et al.. gives a hoot?

Not a one of them.

If they did … this of course would not be.

We the people will pay … and pay … and pay … while Obama parties.

Are you not glad you voted for him?

In the meantime… where in the world are those Republicans we voted for so trustingly?

Are there no voices in Washington to stand up for we the people?

There are no words.


And as South Korea plans to blow us up … where is Obama?

Reassuring anyone?

Oh no.

Obama is out campaigning to gain more control over us as he doubles down on his drive to disarm us all.… as he continues to use our children as his backdrop and has learned well the lesson which states ‘never let a good crisis go to waste.’

The tragic Connecticut school shootings has been the perfect crisis for this effort.