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Capitalism And Freedom At Work

Prince is a perfect example of how capitalism and freedom work … and it is what has always made this country great.

He .. Prince … has chosen to withdraw completely from the internet for purely capitalistic reasons .. and that is his right to do so.

The sites he mentions .. iTunes, 7Digital, eMusic, eBay, You Tube, Pirate Bay, either learn from this and do better or go on in their same mode and perhaps suffer more … or perhaps Prince will be the one left hurting.

The public and its demand will do the deciding.

This is what drives the economy in a free country .. and nothing could be greater for the economy.

Not all enrepreneurs have the financial platform to make such a huge decision as Prince has done … but on a smaller scale all decide which companies are best for their purposes and act accordingly. ┬áThe companies in turn must decide how great a value each company they serve is to them and act accordingly.

No government rulings need to guide anything in such matters.

Capitalism …. freedom at work. ┬áThat is America.

Think Obama is paying attention?

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