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Cars For Clunkers For Global Warming

This cars for clumkers bill is great .. is it not?  It is causing people to pour into the car dealers to get that new car and get rid of that old clumker.

The simple fact that no one knows for sure if they will get paid or not is a small minor detail.

What is more important is that all of thes horrible “clunkers” that were so bad for our environment… just pouring those emissions into our air .. will now be off the road.. never to do harm again.

Of course .. that is after they have been humiliated to the worst degree.

You see.. when one of those clumkers is turned in and is decreed to indeed be a clumker by whatever test the Obama crew decided would be used to be able to determine that .. that poor old clunker has then to be put out of its misery forever.

How do they do that?

Well.. first the person doing what needs to be done must don full protective gear.

Then a toxic solution is poured into the motor .. the motor is run for 10 to 20 minutes until it is shot .. with no motor oil to help it along.  MMMM.. can’t you just smell the burn?

Guess where all those toxic emissions are going?

You guessed it.

Into our air.

One last HURRAH for the old clunker!

The vehicle to be disposed of must be rendered inoperable so that it cannot be resold.  Of course, the government would not have consulted a car dealer to figure out the best way to do this.  So someone at the Transportation Department decided the car dealer must drain the oil and pour silicone silicate in the engine, running it until it siezes the engine. more…

Don’t you just love it?


Just wait till the government gets its hands on our health.

You and I will be paying for all of this wonderful stuff that the government is coming up with .. in the form of just a few more taxes of course .. and don’t worry .. no one will be excluded

..a former auto salesman’s word…

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