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9/11 Lest We Forget

Fast Tube by Casper


…remembering….. Fast Tube by Casper … honoring..… Fast Tube by Casper  

Media And Its Loss of Dignity

Never before has our main media shown such a loss of dignity as it has since the death of bin Laden. The wrangling over who did and said and shot and photographed what is a media circus … and to top it off … the media … in trying to make President George W. Bush […]

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Respect Of 3000 Plus The Imam

We do have a right to be objecting to the mosque being built next to Ground Zero.  Three thousand American lives give us that right. Now is shown it is the Imam of that mosque that gives our reason to object added ground … as if 3000 lives weren’t enough. Without knowing anything about the […]

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The Phoenix Rises … USS New York

At Pier 88 in the Hudson River in New York today rests a testament of the might of the right .. the USS New York. In her bow lies 7.5 tons of steel from the fallen World Trade Center… the Phoenix rising from the gray ashes of tragedy.  Right does not die… does not lie […]

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9/11/2001 To 9/11/2009

The beginning…. World Trade Center.. Center of the World … the terror .. hard to hear .. necessary to remember…. Fast Tube by Casper Terrorists were the cause ….  they would do it again in a hearbeat. Fast Tube by Casper ..  and  we are not to use the word terrorist. Rest in peace .. […]

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