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America’s Religion War

Do not think for a moment there is no war on religion going on in our great country. It was  on June 25, 1962 that the first ban on Christianity in our schools was enacted when all were stopped from saying prayers in public schools … the separation of church and state of course. Perhaps you remember the […]

Obama’s Convenient Pre Election War

  It is amazing to me … the war that is now taking place.  What amazes me is the timing of it … and the press play it is getting. Listening to Rush Limbaugh today … I realized we are really alone in this war. Is Britain there with us …  is France there with […]


How To Get Away With Voter Registration Fraud

  If you were going to practice voter registration fraud for the purposes of making sure your candidate had a more than fair chance to win a certain election … you can take lessons on how to get away with it by following the New Georgia Project .. in Georgia of course. This organization is […]


Pelosi And Boehner Head National Madness

Signs of our times? Pelosi and Boehner plus more than numerous other so called “leaders” in Washington D.C. are keeping the madness going as we can see in this news article… Pelosi and Boehner unite to pass bill funding planned parenthood, Obamacare and Syrian revolutionaries…. … never mind that planned parenthood is the greatest provider […]

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Obama Investigates … Again And Again And Again

He will have to be known as our most investigating president of all times. Holder says criminal investigation launched into American journalist’s execution…. The sad thing is while he is investigating … we the people are paying the price of him doing nothing …. with the latest American to pay the full price being journalist […]

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Obama Names German General As Chief of Staff of U.S. Army Europe

  First Obama purged the military of all the top people who did not fall into his “agenda” … using any lie or false incrimination he could to do so.  General Petraeus is still under FBI investigation since his removal two years ago … no doubt to stop him from being able to testify to […]

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Law Enforcement Trained Second Amendment Advocates Are The Enemy?

If this is true … that law enforcement anywhere in these great states of ours are being trained that second amendment advocates are the “terrorist enemy” … we are at a very scary crossroads for our freedom here for sure. It apparently is true in Ohio.             Ohio National Guard […]

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America Is We The People Says Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Excerpts from Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Repulican response to the State of the Union address…. “The most important moments right now aren’t happening here.  They’re not in the Oval Office or in the House Chamber.  They’re in your homes.  Kissing your kids goodnight. Figuring out how to pay the bills. Getting ready for tomorrow’s […]


Bits and Pieces

Can any of us wonder why our country is in the mess it is in after witnessing such idiocy as that which follows? Fast Tube by Casper Americans sign petition allowing military troops to commandeer their homes. It is hard to even imagine the ignorance level of these people who have absolutely no knowledge of […]

The Veterans Stand For Us Once Again

Million Vet march on Washington D.C.  … A World War ll Vet finds it overwhelming … as he visits the National Mall for the first time… Sarah Palin and Rep. Mike Lee in Washington… Those same people who stood with courage for us in the Armed Forces .. our Veterans … have done it again. […]

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The Joke On Us All

The Department of Justice will investigate the IRS. So says Attorney General Holder. This of course is the joke of all jokes on us all … on we the people… the fox cleaning the henhouse. It has to make you laugh hysterically. Where is Obama in all of this?’ He of course “knows nothing”. What […]



Wasted. President Obama. Benghazi.  IRS targeting.  Phone record taps by Department of Justice. Here he is … caught in the middle of a barrage of scandals that he would like to just hide his head away from and deny even knowing about … but … realistically there is no way he can get away with […]

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