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Obama And Unions And The IRS And Michigan Daycare

She is an entrepreneur.. owning a child daycare facility. In 2009 she was notified that she was a new member of the United Auto Workers union.   That was the beginning of a battle that was taken up by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan … a battle for freedom against the union […]

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Who Really Doubted?

Who really doubted the real reason General David Petraaus “resigned” from his post as CIA director in September of 2012? Was it really due to an affair … of all things? Of course not. Who ever doubted that the real reason he was forced to leave his post was because he was not willing to […]

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Obama Keeps Himself Above Everything

Is Obama so well protected nothing but nothing can touch him? Who is protecting him to such a degree and why? The Benghazi hearings that began today so clearly defined what anyone in their right mind knew at the time … the whole attack was covered up right from the top and so what if […]

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War On Christianity Comes Through Pentagon

The war on Christianity is nothing new.  It has gone on since the birth of Christ .. or before. It has now come home in a way that shows with no doubt just where our rulers lie.  Don’t forget …. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief.  He has the final say … does he not? Breaking:  Pentagon […]

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Congress Did Not Do Its Job

Did we not vote a new Congress into office in 2010 to stop the madness of Obama as far as our healthcare goes at least? Obviously Congress did not do its job. Whatever happened to “we will repeal Obamacare”? Now it is here. The madness becomes us. Obamacare’s Tax Hike Train Wreck Congress did not […]

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Student Robbed Of First Amendment Rights

The first amendment rights were robbed in the case of Jared Markum …. an eighth grade student at the Logan Middle school in West Virginia. Jared was suspended and arrested for wearing a shirt like this to school.     As reported by Charlo Green at WKBO TV in W. Virginia…. When 8th grade Jared […]

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The Mindset Matters … Not Skin Color

It is not the color of the skin that matters … though if you followed some news reports on the Boston bombings you would think that is all that mattered … as some were reported as hoping the suspects were white while others more than likely expected them to be dark skinned. It is the […]

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Saudi Suspicions?

  The Saudi Saga …. Latest update HERE…. Did he have ties to Boston bombers? This whole thing of a Saudi national  injured in the Boston bombings who was names as being a “person of interest” soon after the Boston bombings … and is linked to a prominent Saudi family and “suddenly” is sent home  to […]

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Teachers Matter

Do you still remember that special teacher who had such a great effect on your life?  Do you also remember that one teacher who seemed to have nothing but a grudge to carry and took it out on you and every other student in the class? Teachers matter. Students do remember how and what they […]


A Million Dimes Per Dollar?

That’s just what our elected people in government must believe… or perhaps they believe there are even more… maybe 2 million dimes per dollar. After all … the people in Maryland will now be taxed for rain. Yeah.. I know.  It sounds utterly ridiculous and totally and completely out of the realm of reality … […]

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First Your Business Now Your Kids

Just when we got used to the idea that those businesses we all built and put all that time and money and arm work and mind work into was never built by us after all  … now we are told these kids of ours are not ours at all either. They belong to the community. […]

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Obama’s Props

Props are used everywhere as people try to get a point across. Obama uses these props blatantly and without conscience. See an example here…… Also … see him here as he uses all he can to defend his attempt to disarm we the people. He is conscienceless and will do or say what he must […]

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