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The Mindset Matters … Not Skin Color

It is not the color of the skin that matters … though if you followed some news reports on the Boston bombings you would think that is all that mattered … as some were reported as hoping the suspects were white while others more than likely expected them to be dark skinned. It is the […]

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Saudi Suspicions?

  The Saudi Saga …. Latest update HERE…. Did he have ties to Boston bombers? This whole thing of a Saudi national  injured in the Boston bombings who was names as being a “person of interest” soon after the Boston bombings … and is linked to a prominent Saudi family and “suddenly” is sent home  to […]

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A Million Dimes Per Dollar?

That’s just what our elected people in government must believe… or perhaps they believe there are even more… maybe 2 million dimes per dollar. After all … the people in Maryland will now be taxed for rain. Yeah.. I know.  It sounds utterly ridiculous and totally and completely out of the realm of reality … […]

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First Your Business Now Your Kids

Just when we got used to the idea that those businesses we all built and put all that time and money and arm work and mind work into was never built by us after all  … now we are told these kids of ours are not ours at all either. They belong to the community. […]

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Cancer Treatment Cut As White House Plans Rock Gala

Medicare cancer patients who need it most are being cut off from their treatment as the White House plans a great rock party.… and all because of the “sequestration” as the Obama “squeeze” goes deeper. Is their something wrong with this picture? Of course there is but who in Washnigton … in this administration of […]

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Political Correctness At Its Finest

Political correctness rears its head once more …  this time in its finest array yet. “Illegal immigrant” should not be and will not be ever again used by the Associated Press for various reasons … significantly because it “dehumanizes those it describes”. Of course … all those it describes are potential backers for all those […]

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Polar Opposites

Compassion comes naturally … or does it? There is an article by Joseph Curl in the Washington Times today that points out just how completely President Bush and President Obama stand apart from each other. Read it.   The contrast between the two is phenomenal. As the Obama’s return from vacations and more than likely […]

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Senators Could Learn Much From Texan Ted Cruz

When someone causes the hairs on the back of Nancy Pelosi’s neck to stand up … pay attention to that someone causing it. Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas can teach all of our Republican senators … and all those elected to office everywhere .. how to stand up for the values of this great […]

Fishing Regulations Realities

As Obama’s policies and orders come into play more and more.. the reality of the outcome is beginning to be seen and felt more and more… such as in the fishing businesses off of our northeast coast … New England fishermen say new regulations may cause collapse of the industry… Does anyone really care … […]



Obama kills a fly … again. That news merits front page spacing. Certainly it merits it in comparison to news such as the following….. Americans killed in Algeria slaughter Raid was linked to the Libya attack Court says Obama appointments unconstitutional. Hillary’s answer to Benghazi disaster “What difference does it make now?”   Try applying that […]

Gun Control About Power Only

Here is the plan for Sen. Feinstein of Califonria concerning gun control. In her own words … this control has nothing to do with the most recent mass shootings in the country. In her own words … she has been fighting for gun control for more than 20 years. “I have worked on this for […]


The Pathetic Ironic Madness Continues

As Obama plans his dictatorial  campaign against guns … the pathetic ironic madness surely has to be evident to all who take the time to look and see. First of all… the 23 presidential “actions” taken by Obama this week encompasses measures that all lead to control control control …  just another angle of control.. this […]