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Global Warming or God?

Perhaps it is time for man to recognize and accept that there is a force greater than he. The forces of climate are  directed from a source.  Nothing is random. Nature and Nature’s Go … and scientists set the record straight …. it is just nature at work. Look back on history …. and you […]

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Cambridge Climate Congress Keeps The Madness Going

If there is anything that scares you about this global warming nonsense .. once you read what the Cambridge Climate Congress in Cambridge Massachusetts has planned for its city … you will know that the underlying fears that come with all of this global warming nonsense is real. It is nothing more than a pathway […]

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Arctic Cold Blasts Global Warming Idiocy

Pictures speak a thousand words … and express unarguable truths.  In this case … they show how bitter arctic cold blasts away  global warming idiocy. Europe shivers…. Frostbitten U.S.A. Cold and colder

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Climategate And The Press

“Climategate” is something to be completely ignored as far as our liberal seemingly anti American citizen press is concerned. However .. we do have watchdogs out there for us … including at least one Democrat Senator.  Follows is his letter of concern sent to Obama ..which as of this has not been responded to by […]

All That Hope And Change

The “hope and change” mantra has become very tiring … and very scary. Do you feel it? It is a pounding in our ears that seems to be trying to force us to abandon every last bit of common sense and reason within us and … to just listen to “them”. “They” know.  “They” have […]

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Time For Some To Get A Life

It is time these people who must spend every waking hour of theirs .. and more… on thinking up schemes to make us fear we are going to self implode the erarth if we don’t just quit living completely get a life of their own. Al Gore is just so pleased to be announcing to […]

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Freedom Or Clean Energy?

While the media’s top concern is Michael Jackson’s passing.. for ten days now… there is a bill going through Congress that you need to be aware of. Perhaps you have heard of it… the  American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. If you are for this bill .. call it climate change … clean […]

Climate Bill And Freedom

The climate bill… cap and trade… energy bill…. again whatever you wish to call it… is an endangerment to our freedom in every aspect of our lives. Obama has not stopped in his rollover of our freedoms.  He has no intention of stopping. The climate bill that was just passed by the House of Representatives […]

White House Silences The Opposition

In March Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency declared carbon dioxide a pollutant.  Congress had no say over this declaration. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant .. or an “endangerment” as Obama’s people declare it is … but that has no bearing on anything.  It had to be declared thus so Obama could have a basis to […]

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