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Loss Of Common Sense And Reason Equals Loss Of Wisdom

When all common sense and reason are lost … all wisdom is lost … leaving paranoia to rule. We see the proof of that about every day now … and the following is just a perfect example of that proof …. Missouri grade school student gets in trouble with 9/11 shell casing souvenir……. A souvenir […]

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How To Get Away With Voter Registration Fraud

  If you were going to practice voter registration fraud for the purposes of making sure your candidate had a more than fair chance to win a certain election … you can take lessons on how to get away with it by following the New Georgia Project .. in Georgia of course. This organization is […]


Pelosi And Boehner Head National Madness

Signs of our times? Pelosi and Boehner plus more than numerous other so called “leaders” in Washington D.C. are keeping the madness going as we can see in this news article… Pelosi and Boehner unite to pass bill funding planned parenthood, Obamacare and Syrian revolutionaries…. … never mind that planned parenthood is the greatest provider […]

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Boots On The Ground!

He’s tiny… but I have him in my sights… I do.. I do … I do!!!!!!!  (American soldier in full combat gear … bearing down on ebola)   Obama …. after stating emphatically that there will be no boots on the ground in fighting ISIS …. has ordered 3,000 pairs of military boots on the […]


The Self Righteousness Of The NBA Players

It is a joke.   It just has to be. It has to be a joke that the players of the NBA can so righteously stand and so loudly in that righteousness pound down on an old foolish man who was made to look even more foolish by remarks made in the privacy of his […]

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Welcome to Brees List … independence and freedom.

Fast Tube by Casper .. America the Beautiful … may it stay that way. “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws […]

Obama Keeps Himself Above Everything

Is Obama so well protected nothing but nothing can touch him? Who is protecting him to such a degree and why? The Benghazi hearings that began today so clearly defined what anyone in their right mind knew at the time … the whole attack was covered up right from the top and so what if […]

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The Worm Has Turned

  If Keira Wilmot’s arrest and charges of two felonies for working on a science experiment stands … the worm has finally and forever turned. This country can and never ever will be the one we have always loved. That country will be one that will be forever longed for … and one our grandchildren […]

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Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste And The Usual Suspects Step Forward

Remember the quote from Rahm Emanuel?     Once more … the usual suspects have come forward … this time to take advantage of the Boston bombing to advance their own political agendas… which of course means the gun control backers and the immigration “reform” backers. Who in their right mind would even think for […]

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Remember… Obama Signed The Sequester Into Law

If your plane is delayed due to flight controller furloughs … who are being told to take one day off every other week or so …. or if any other part of this “sequester” deal affects you life in a negative way … remember… Obama is the one who signed the sequester into law. It […]

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Student Robbed Of First Amendment Rights

The first amendment rights were robbed in the case of Jared Markum …. an eighth grade student at the Logan Middle school in West Virginia. Jared was suspended and arrested for wearing a shirt like this to school.     As reported by Charlo Green at WKBO TV in W. Virginia…. When 8th grade Jared […]

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A Million Dimes Per Dollar?

That’s just what our elected people in government must believe… or perhaps they believe there are even more… maybe 2 million dimes per dollar. After all … the people in Maryland will now be taxed for rain. Yeah.. I know.  It sounds utterly ridiculous and totally and completely out of the realm of reality … […]

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