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The Attempt To Wipe Out Jesus

The all out war on Christianity began a long time ago on the side of those who are ruled by the force that has fought Jesus from day one … that angel banished from heaven by God… It is becoming more and more evident today … in a bold and outspoken way that would attempt […]

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The Madness Compounds Itself

The madness of Washington compounds itself daily now. First it was the failure of the Republicans who are supposed to be standing for our freedom and honesty in government … at least many hoped for that … to dare to stand up against Obama in his demands for more money as he declared a coming […]

There Is No Room For Compromise

Why is Washington at such a stalemate? Simple. There is absolutely no room for compromise. What Obama wants is so contradictory to what we are as a nation and to give in to him anymore at all is only allowing this nation to continue down the slope of destruction he has us on. Go over […]

Dangerous Gun Free Zones

I attended a school Christmas concert last night … put on by middle school children. While there I could not help but think of Sandy Hook. How much safer I would have felt for those children there if someone had been able to assure me that someone there somewhere stood on guard with a gun […]


Obama’s Purge Of The Top Generals

…. or … more encompassing … Obama’s purge. Update: And the beat down of the truth goes on… and on… and on…through blatant lies.. under Obama rule. Update: Even as Obama does his “attack” work .. he dares to admonish ¬†(or should that be threaten?) those who would dare to demand the truth of Benghazi. […]

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Obama’s Pathetic Use and Abuse Of Our Youth

What can be more abusive of America’s youth than the two videos that follow …. both Obama campaign videos? It is beyond disgusting. Fast Tube by Casper Fast Tube by Casper VOTE. He is not only using our youth .. he is using the dire weather prediction for the east coast against Romney… Bill Clinton, […]

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Credibility Approach Zero

President Obama’s credibility is moving quickly to zero with his backtracking of the Benghazi attack.. which is pointed out quite clearly by Jennifer Rubin of the Right Turn blog at the Washington Post. Perhaps it is because of that … added to the simple fact he has no record of his own to run on […]

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Misplaced Priorities … Misplaced Blame

Lives are put at stake and lost …. while priorities of Obama are all upside down and backwards…. Rep questions State Department’s green energy spending amid security concerns…. … and the lack of honest reporting and immediate investigation and response to Benghazi attack and the subsequent response from the public and even parent of killed […]

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TSA And The Constitution

If you think the TSA misuses its power and intrudes on your privacy with its searches …. and even if you don’t … even if you feel it is all justified due to the terror threat … you must be aware of what is coming and be ready to fight it. The TSA is getting […]


Numbers Work Their Magic For Obama

Wow. Obama is at it like mad now…. fixing those numbers. ¬†They are jumping by leaps and bounds…. or falling as the need calls for…. and how much will it take to make sure gas is down to $2.31/gal for the last week in October and the first week in November? Shocking … astonishing … […]

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Hillary Forms One More Board …This One For Benghazi

Hillary Clinton has formed another board… the “Accountability Review Board” … to “be getting on the case” next week … the Benghazi case … and surely all who is aware of what is going on here is aware of how utterly ridiculous this is and how brazenly disrespectful of all concerned … first of all […]


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