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The Ruler

Obama the ruler has spoken. Congress has not agreed to pass his DREAM act .. which in essence would provide amnesty to most all illegal immigrants in this country. Well…. Obama decided there is more than one way to “skin the cat”. Just do it. He has just done it … thereby stomping on the […]


Bits And Pieces

Our freedom of speech needs chains on it to be able to survive? That sounds as insane as anything we have heard yet… and this is a Brit telling us what we need. Life gets curiouser and curiouser… and even more so with the following thought…. GOP’s healthcare repeal.. tactless timing? Never has a tragedy […]

Bits And Pieces

It has been quite a year.  None of it has to be repeated here.  We all lived it and can look back to see just what went on. It continues to the end. As gas prices steadily rise .. with demand being down… where is the outrage that was there against George Bush when prices […]

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The White House Madness Compounds Itself

Who are these people in the White House?  The madness compounds itself on a daily basis. Yesterday .. or the day before .. it was an obesity report of every American to be posted on their electronic health record. Today it is a bill backing the collection of employee pay information from businesses in relation […]

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Obama And His Rampant Spending Mindset

Even as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into debt and bankruptcy … Obama calls for more and more and more spending. First he called again on Congress for billions of dollars for the so called “doc fix”…. saying without it doctors will not be paid for medicare patients and would stop seeing them.  Scare […]

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Hold Steady.. All You Responsible Congressmen

Hold steady … all you responsible Congressmen in Washington. NO MORE SPENDING. The bipartisan jobs bill is just another sign of what this administration is all about.  It will never be satisifed with anything but spenidng, spending and more spending … and pork and pork and more pork. Look at what they did here…. No […]

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Congressional Greed?

How is it that “greed” does not seem to apply to them? Congressional “greed” is somehow “congressional right”? Oh  .. the two facedness of them all. As Washington reels from the news of 10.2 percent unemployment, the Center for Responsive Politics is out with a new report describing the wealth of members of Congress. Among […]

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In Perpetuity To The Folly Called Congress

Look at the faces.  See the ultimate look of triumph.  See what they have accomplished. It looks and sounds like “Dick and Jane”… sorry.. Dick and Jane. The ultimate sign of the complete juvenile behavior of our Congress screams out in bold red letters in what has to be the greatest folly yet of mankind […]

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