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FBI Raids Militia…Reasons “SEALED”

It will be interestinsg to see what reasons if any we are given for the raids held in SE Michigan and Ohio over the weekend on the militia groups there at the hand of the FBI and the Joint Anti Terrorist Task Force. The reporting to this point says only that the raids were “sealed” […]

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The Obama – Pelosi Bulldozer

Now that Obamacare has passed .. the Obama/Pelosi bulldozer will be rolling at high speed.  It is set to bulldoze down all in its way .. paving the way to  rebuild our nation from top to bottom .. with no concern or respect for one single American citizen in its way. The tax on so called […]

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Point Made … Congresswoman

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter makes a point here very clearly .. the point so many of us are trying to make to the federal government. Fast Tube by Casper Exactly.  The Constitution does not say the federal government can do any of those things.. so why does it take this power into its hands on its […]

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Obama And Our Bill Of Rights

In the midst of the broad takeover of everything in our country that Obama is attempting to accomplish through his healthcare bill, his cap and trade bill and the appointment of his dozens of czars which answer only to him (who seem to be busy deciding what is best for all of us and reporting […]

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The New “Terrorist”

If you would like a small little peek into what kind of tactics our country is being destroyed by .. you need to watch this. I label it a small peek because that is all it is. We can only imagine from this how big it really is beyond that which we have access to. […]

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Guantanamo Revisited

Who is running this country?   What kind of people do we have in Washington? “The Obama administration is preparing to revive the system of military commissions established at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, under new rules that would offer terrorism suspects greater legal protections, government officials said.” That is alaming in itself… but read on… But […]

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The Tool To Shut Down The First Amendment

Could this be the tool to shut down our first amendment rights? On April 2, 2009 the following bill was introduced into the House of Representatives in Washington by Linda T. Sanchez (D-CA) and 13 others: thebill Cyberbullying (a) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, […]

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