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C’mon Americans! Time To Take Our Country Back?

This is madness multiplied to the infinity…. People staring at phones… instead of using them .… risk of thousands if they do? We own this country … not Obama et al.  For them to think they can stop this country .. shut it down… just because they can’t have their way .. is total insanity. […]


Waco, Texas … A True History Lesson For All

With all that is going on in this world and especially in our country today … everyone of we the people should be aware of this history.  No more need be said…..   Fast Tube by Casper


War On Christianity Comes Through Pentagon

The war on Christianity is nothing new.  It has gone on since the birth of Christ .. or before. It has now come home in a way that shows with no doubt just where our rulers lie.  Don’t forget …. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief.  He has the final say … does he not? Breaking:  Pentagon […]

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Teachers Matter

Do you still remember that special teacher who had such a great effect on your life?  Do you also remember that one teacher who seemed to have nothing but a grudge to carry and took it out on you and every other student in the class? Teachers matter. Students do remember how and what they […]


Obama Ravaging The Fabric of Our Lives

Obama administration orders army chaplains to refrain from reading letter concerning the forceful procurement of birth control under Obamacare… … and this is one more serious assault on our freedom  … this time the assault not only being against our freedom of religion .. but also against our freedom of speech….as Obama’s assault on the […]

Planning To Fly?

Are you planning to fly?  If so …  the following is a must for you to read. TSA Encounter at SAN .. the “junk” man…. It answered for me my hesitancy in wanting to make the flights I must make soon … finding myself putting them off longer and longer.  This full body scan machine […]

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The Worm Turns

The worm turns .. from hope to fear .. and the truth has been revealed completely through the course of the turning. Obama has gone from spouting hope to pouring fear … all in a matter of two short years. The hope he was so beautifully fanning out across the nation in 2008 was nothing […]


Obama’s Plans For The Financial Regulatory System

The march goes on.  Obama has no intention of letting go of his plan to grab control of all he can and the pressure is on the financial regulatory system. Obama and Geithner see an immediate need to take over all of the finanacial regualtory system .. including making it all powerful even over all […]

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Is Obama Legal?

Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, an engineer who told WND he wants to serve his country in Afghanistan .. asked the court to revoke his orders to deploy to Afghanistan on the grounds that  it would be illegal for him to take orders from anyone other than a legal Commander in Chief and Obama has yet to […]