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The Awakening

It doesn’t really matter how it happens .. it doesn’t even matter that they didn’t know and backed him in the past. The important thing is they become awakened and do all possilbe now to preserve this country and all its greatness. It seems those “elite” of the country .. the likes of Mort Zuckerman […]

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Capitalism And Freedom At Work

Prince is a perfect example of how capitalism and freedom work … and it is what has always made this country great. He .. Prince … has chosen to withdraw completely from the internet for purely capitalistic reasons .. and that is his right to do so. The sites he mentions .. iTunes, 7Digital, eMusic, […]

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And One Voice Only Will Be Heard

Napolitano has deemed it necessary that one voice and one voice only shall be heard in the TSA. No controversial websites will be allowed to enter any of “her” hallowed ground. Tsa to block “controversial opinion” on the web. Is this not a matter of freedom to make up one’s own mind about things … […]

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The Enigma That Is Obama

Every day the enigma that is Obama seems to grow in leaps and bounds … with every new plan or pronouncement he makes. The latest is his announced foremost mission for NASA.  It has nothing to do with a space mission.  It is to pacify those nations that are dominantly Muslim and it is absolute […]

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Congressional Magic?

While we sleep … Congress once more pulls its magic tricks. Remember when they … those great Representatives of ours .. told us if the healthcare bill did not pass .. they would just say it deeming it passed? Didn’t make much sense then  .. did it? Well .. now they have done it […]

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Going Far Far Back To The Future

Each day we are going farther and farther back to the future …. far far back to the future. Obama is seeing to that. First get ready for more repressive Obamarule. High taxes are on the way. You have six months to prepare. We already have inferior healthcare planned. Last week a federal judge threw […]

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This Is Why You Need To Vote

The sheer arrogance along with the ignorance of this man is disgusting .. and he is representative of what we have in our government today. Fast Tube by Casper America … we are worth more than this.  Get this man and all like him out. It is up to us.

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The Beat Goes On

Obama et al will not quit. Obama knows he does not have the votes for his destructive financial “reform” bill.. which is in effect a takeover by him of our entire financial system plus oh so much more .. so he starts whining how the “other” side plans to vote against this wonderful bill of […]

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Bucyrus Should Have Learned From The Auto Companies

Obama vowed in his campaign to shut down coal mining. Did he mean globally? The U.S. Export-Import Bank … funded by Congress …  must believe it has made a huge step toward having him accomplish this deal by denying a loan guarantee to Bucyrus International. Do  these so called men not know that the only […]

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A Black Cloud Pesters Us This Memorial Day

It is a day of honoring our troops …. all of our Armed Forces … all those in the past through today. The President of the United States has traditionally placed a memorial wreath at  the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary on this day. Today that tradition was broken by Obama.  He […]

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While We Sleep

Awful things can happen while we sleep. One such is the bill in Congress right now that would require states to track the BODY MASS of all children 2 through 18 and report it to the federal health department each year… report to the “federal fat police”. Can you believe that? Another bill about to […]

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If Only………………

If only Barack Obama had a knowledge of what this country really is .. what it stands for .. .what it has meant and continues to mean for the entire world. If only he knew what American freedom really is .. what the American dream really is… what American charity really is. If only he […]

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