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The Ruler Speaks

Once more .. the ruler speaks to the people.. and this time it is no different than any other time. He demands his way be done … and done now.  You .. or no one else … needs to know the details .. because it matters not.  He knows what we need. No one else […]

The O Permatorium And Our Slumping Economy

Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf.. which quickly became a permatorium… has caused serious repercussions and will continue to for as long as the permatorium is allowed to stand.  It already caused unemployment to skyrocket right along with the cost of gas .. which has risen to double what it was when Obama […]

Our Gasping Economy

Just in case you are still wondering why our economy is so bad … gasping for breath … the following might help to enlighten you. This of course is just one aspect of the assault on our economic system by Obama… an assault that has come from all sides. With all Obama has done since […]

GOP Meltdown?

Where oh where is the backbone in the Republican House of Representatives in Washington?   They know they were elected for one main reason .. and that was to stop the spending… make the hard cuts… slash the budget… whatever they must do to bring this nation somewhat into the realm of reality where money […]

The Price Of Gas

The only way you haven’t noticed the sharp increase in gas prices is if you don’t own a car .. or drive.  It is up over $3/gallon .. and that hurts in an economy where no more hurt can be afforded. Why the increase you say? The feds “bought” $600 billion dollars worth of government […]

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Obama Help

So much for the government “helping” the “little” guy… FHA home mortgages costing more. Of course .. who is surprised?  This is Obama “help”. Perhaps someone’s  employer wants to expand his business .. wants to hire more people in doing that … wants to build a bigger building to hold his bigger dream … but… .. […]

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The world is allowed to hate us at will … but … when trouble arises .. upon whom do they call? Afghanistan wants U.S. to bail out its bank! The United States … that is who. If this administration says ‘yes’ to Afghanistan’s request … is somesthing wrong here? Just wondering.


The Arrogance Is Complete

Update:  The ShoreBank has been closed by teh FDIC but is remaining open under a new name. And now this .. let the truth be told…  comparing Reagan to  Obama in time of economical mess. The arrogance is complete now… and no longer will Obama even attempt to hide that which he is doing  with […]

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Recovery Summer For Who?

As Obama et al go about their business… touting the “recovery summer”  of 2010… we all need to wonder .. recovery summer for who??? If you wonder how your state is doing.. Bankrupting America has listed every state in the nation and how it is doing during this wonderful all inclusive recovery summer. Check it out. […]

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The New Financial Oligarchy

Obama touts his financial reform bill … which is nothing more than a financial oligarchy … and the lies he speaks are stomach turning. He speaks of looking out for “public interest” instead of “special interests”.  Is he kidding?  Nothing he says here is true.  Nothing. You can read the bill itself here … all […]

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Where In The World Is Obama Living?

Reading the CEA report … the White House Economic Advisers report on the economy .. makes you wonder just where in the world Obama is living. It surely cannot be here in the United States.  That report cannot refer to the state of this country.  It is absolutely impossible. So in what country.. where in […]

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Capitalism And Freedom At Work

Prince is a perfect example of how capitalism and freedom work … and it is what has always made this country great. He .. Prince … has chosen to withdraw completely from the internet for purely capitalistic reasons .. and that is his right to do so. The sites he mentions .. iTunes, 7Digital, eMusic, […]

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