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Obama And His Rampant Spending Mindset

Even as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into debt and bankruptcy … Obama calls for more and more and more spending. First he called again on Congress for billions of dollars for the so called “doc fix”…. saying without it doctors will not be paid for medicare patients and would stop seeing them.  Scare […]

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The Twin Winners .. No Matter What

No matter what ..  twins Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be winners.  Obama has said so.  He has promised to subsidize those two hard working American’s money suckers for as long and with as much of our money as they want…. for as long as they ask for it. After showing a $13 billion […]

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Business As Usual … After The Takeover

As the Senate sits on the verge of passing a total takeover of our financial system … everyone out there needs to be aware that … surprise..surprise.. … Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will undergo NO change of any kind whatsoever. It will be business as usual for those govenrment controlled entities who were the […]

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Obama/Geithner Plan For Takeover Of America’s Finances

Here is Geithner … promising financial takeover is “absolutely in the cards”. Read the bill yourself..  The Financial Reform Legislation Bill.. Read The  Hertage Foundation’s take…. Do Americans realize at all just how devastating this would be to all of us?  It is a complete takeover of every aspect of the financial system in this […]

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Here We Go Again

He said it about healthcare “reform” … “… one way or another … we will get it…” (“Reform” of course means “takeover” in Obama’s world.) So here we go again. Obama is saying the same thing …. “One way or another, we will move forward,” he said. “This issue is too important.” The issue now […]

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Spend And Tax Madness

Does any of this make sense? Spend, spend, spend…. Tax, tax, tax … to pay for the spend, spend, spend…… We will pay the price for Obama’s recklessness and desire for control and power… Could you get away with that? Work for November change… people. Do all you can to preserve our country.. our freedom .. […]

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Government As A Competitor

When government competes … nothing is fair. Toyota is the target and it has no chance against the Obama administration. Toyota is   non-union and needs to be taught a lesson. Ford will be next in one way or another … simply because it is successful. It happens because government is never a competitor .. […]

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Charge It, Please

There is one three word phrase that has probably gotten more people in trouble than any other …. “Charge it, please.” How easy it has been to get a  credit card … and oh how they have been used and abused … by those who should never have had one in the first place … […]

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Ryan’s Road Map For America … A Must See

In a time when in which we have an administration that just can’t seem to spend fast enough or dollars enough … comes a voice of such reason that it is …in contrast to this administration’s actions … almost unbelievable. Paul Ryan is a U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin .. and his voice .. his ideas […]

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Control Control And More Control

Bank after bank is closed by federal regulators. Banks handpicked by Obama are backed by government funds …. made to be “too large to fail” .. and taken under control by Obama. Student loans are taken out of the hands of the banks to be controlled by Obama. Credit card companies are taken to task […]

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The Sneakiest Budget Yet

Not only does Obama’s proposed budget that he presented to the Congress yesterday have the greatest tax increases in it of all time for all those making $250,000 or more … it has taxincreases built into it for every American wage earner. Find out for yourself how this is the sneakiest budget anyone could ever try […]

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Michigan Shows Where Policy Matters

Michigan’s Governor Granholm has turned the state she was elected to run over to the left policies in every way possible.. with spending and more spending and taxes raised and still more taxes proposed .. making Michigan one of the worst possible states for anyone to do business in. This state is a true example […]

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