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The Dumbing Down Becomes Complete

No wonder the kids have problems. The dumbing down of America is now complete. Obama’s Race To The Top program for our public shcools is a program in which he treats every school and every educational professional in those schools as  idiots who need carrots hanging in front of their noses to do their jobs. […]

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Safe Schools Czar Screams Danger

Kevin Jennings … the Obama appointed “safe schools czar” is anything but that. Here is an excerpt from the Washington Times editorial ezplaining why this man should be removed immediately from the position into which Obama appointed him It is curious why White House officials and Education Secretary Arne Duncan believe it’s worth it politically […]

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Common Sense Educating

This link below shows what using common sense yields.  Liberals hate anyone who calls on it for any reason and absolutely despises anyone who acutally calls it inot use! Straight Outta Oakland I come from a time when the thought of a mom or dad coming to school to stand up for someone who was […]

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Ho Hum… One More Insult

Obama’s school speech went on. Some teachers turned it on.  Some didn’t. Students yawned. The time passed .. the event is done. The American public succeeded in insuring it was a mild nonevent after all.. something the administration more likely than not never intended it to be. Who would send out preliminary instructions (lesson plan) […]

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Public Outcry Tempers Obama’s School Lesson

This is the first draft of the preliminaries sent to the schools as they were told how to prepare for Obama’s speech to our schoolchildren which would be broadcast  into every school in the country on September 8 .. today… Obama’s Lesson.. K – 12. The final speech turned out to be a mild mean nothing […]


Government And Sex Education

Liberals have a very up to date way of dealing with sex education … teach the kids about contraception and when that fails… teach them about their right to an abortion. No where .. ever .. do you read or hear about them promoting the teaching of the one thing that works better than all […]

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